When Google Chrome is shown like below, click on the Uninstall button. Uninstall Google Chrome When you click Uninstall, Windows will prompt you again to make sure you want to uninstall Chrome.

Jan 13, 2017 How to install or uninstall the Google Chrome browser May 21, 2018 How can i uninstall Google Chrome Silent in Domain – Support Warren, I have ran your batch file, and reg key. It seems to have removed, but it still shows up in the applications. The reason that I say it seems to have removed it, is because I can right click on Google Chrome and click uninstall now and it says that it cannot find that path. How to Uninstall Google™ Chrome from Windows® 8.1 PC - … Oct 21, 2013

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Click Google Chrome beta and click remove button; A window will pop up, and you can now click on, "Uninstall." . Wait for a minute while your computer removes the Google Chrome beta and the files. Secondly, you simply need to check to see if the Google Chrome beta icon is still on your computer. If there is a Google Chrome beta icon on your Uninstall Google Chrome Completely (How to) - YouTube