Apr 01, 2015

Official List of Trusted Root Certificates on Android Apr 19, 2018 Trusted root certificates that are required by Windows Some certificates that are listed in the previous tables have expired. However, these certificates are necessary for backward compatibility. Even if there is an expired trusted root certificate, anything that was signed by using that certificate before the expiration date requires that the trusted root certificate be validated. As long as expired certificates are not revoked, they can be used

While not legally required, new providers may choose to undergo annual security audits (such as WebTrust for certificate authorities in North America and ETSI in Europe) to be included as a trusted root by a web browser or operating system.

To fix this, you can push the CA root certificate as a trusted root authority using group policy across the domain. If you are using Active Directory, your best bet is to utilize a Group Policy so that all the systems in your organization can trust certificates from the Certificate Authority.

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Trusted Root Certification Authority | GlobalSign GlobalSign Root Certificates are already distributed in all operating systems, browsers, and mobile devices, meaning that all certificates issued from hierarchies beneath these roots are transparently trusted. For closed ecosystems, where public trust isn’t wanted or allowed, private and dedicated customer roots and intermediates are issued. Trusted Root Certificate Authority List - CheckTLS Trusted Root Certificate Authority List C=ES,O=ACCV,OU=PKIACCV,CN=ACCVRAIZ1 OU=AC RAIZ FNMT-RCM,O=FNMT-RCM,C=ES CN=Actalis Authentication Root CA,O=Actalis S.p.A./03358520967,L=Milan,C=IT CN=AddTrust External CA Root,OU=AddTrust External TTP Network,O=AddTrust AB,C=SE CN=AddTrust Class 1 CA Root,OU=AddTrust TTP Network,O=AddTrust …