Jun 04, 2020

Incognito Mode or “private browsing” is a privacy feature on Google Chrome that actually disables the browsing history of the browser. This privacy mode allows people to browse the Web without storing local data that could potentially be retrieved at a later date. How to see incognito history & how to delete it | Kingpin You might have heard about private or incognito browsing. It’s the mode that doesn’t store anything in history. While it does store cookies, they are deleted after the session is exited. This mode is known as Incognito browsing in Google Chrome, Private Browsing in Mozilla Firefox, and InPrivate Browsing in Internet Explorer. Google is being sued for tracking users even when they're Jun 03, 2020

Google Chrome Incognito browsing mode let you browse the Internet without leaving browsing and downloads history when you close the browser. It automatically deletes your browsing info and downloads history when you close the incognito windows. Google Chrome incognito mode comes handy whenever you are on shared computer where you don't want to leave your

How to Always Start Google Chrome in Incognito Mode on

Jun 03, 2020

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