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Windows Phone 8.1 includes universal apps and lots of Feb 11, 2014 Find Hidden Windows Phone 8.1 USB Settings May 28, 2014 Microsoft will shutdown Windows Phone 8.1 Store in December

Jun 21, 2020

Microsoft announced last year that it will stop distributing app updates to Windows Phone 8.x and Windows 8 devices on July 1, and mainstream support for the OS ended last year. As for Windows 8.1

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Oct 16, 2019 Important notice: MSN apps on Windows 8.1 Phone Dec 17, 2019 Windows 10 Phone: Amazon®.com This thing is just awesome. Having experience with many Lumia phones - 822,920,925,929,1320,1520,640 - I know how to set these things up. First thing I did when I got it, to avoid any issues, is plug it straight into my computer and run the Windows Device Recovery Tool.