To "cast" to a TV, it needs to have a way to receive the signal. Same as cable box or TV antenna. The age and make of your TV will impact this as some have built in options, but generally they don't. As well as for adding a dongle, you need to ha

Use Google Play Music: If you live in the US or another supported country, you really should just use … How to Chromecast from Laptop - The Best Guide Dec 17, 2019 Geek Around the House: Chromecast on Kindle Fire says it Mar 27, 2014

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ChromeCast Isn't Working / Casting Isn't Working / Why Can VIZIO SmartCast Televisions have built-in Chromecast technology. If you are unable to cast an application to your TV, try the following. Check to make sure the app you're using is cast capable. If you unsure if the app you're using can cast, Click Here for a searchable list of some Chromecast … Tips and tricks to improve your Chromecast experience - CNET The locally stored file will be opened in a Chrome browser tab, which you can cast to your TV with the Chromecast browser extension in the upper-right-hand corner. 2. Lower settings to improve How To Cast Hulu On Chromecast From Laptop? - About the laptop Why can’t I cast Hulu to chromecast? Because Chromecast doesn’t store apps on the device itself, you’ll need to keep your apps on your smart device to use them. To watch Hulu, or any other app, on Chromecast first download the Google Home app. Make sure your Chromecast and smart device are connected to the same Wi-Fi source.25 Jul 2018