How to Boost Your Internet Security with DNSCrypt

How to Encrypt Your DNS for More Secure Browsing Dec 10, 2014 The Pros and Cons of DNS Encryption - Infosecurity Magazine Sep 14, 2016

How to enable and test DNS over HTTPS on Windows 10

Everything You Need To Know About DNS Encryption – And Why One of the oldest and most widely used protocols on the internet is called DNS, which stands for domain name system, and is how a human-readable domain is entered into a browser and connected to a numerical IP address. Think of it is as the internet’s phone book. Yet, the move toward encryption is a positive thing, and that Google and

Originally, the DNS protocol didn’t include any encryption nor authentication mechanisms; any device between a client and a DNS server could monitor and interfere with DNS traffic, without this being detected by the client. Attackers on a local network can abuse this to conduct trivial attacks.

Jun 14, 2020 Comcast fights Google’s encrypted-DNS plan but promises Comcast further said that "Google's unilateral imposition of default, centralized DNS encryption will harm key components of the Internet" and that "Congress should demand that Google pause and