Dec 07, 2009

oAuth HMAC-SHA1 Signature Support - SmartBear Community I am investigating tools for our org for automated testing of our RESTful SOA using oAuth. We stopped a POC with another tool. We ran across an issue with their support of the tools ability to sign the oAuth request using HMAC-SHA1 signature. I am in the process of reviewing soapUI as the tool we wo hmac - The Go Programming Language func Equal ¶ 1.1 func Equal(mac1, mac2 []byte) bool Equal compares two MACs for equality without leaking timing information. func New ¶ func New(h func() hash. Hash, key []byte) hash. Hash. New returns a new HMAC hash using the given hash.Hash type and key. HMAC - Crypto++ Wiki

hmac - PHP: How can I generate a HmacSHA256 signature of a

hash_hmac (PHP 5 >= 5.1.2, PHP 7, PECL hash >= 1.1) hash_hmac — Berechnet einen Hash mit Schlüssel unter Verwendung von HMAC

PHP: hash_hmac - Manual

HMAC-SHA1 functionality can be be included in IOS code by first adding the CommonCrypto library to your target, and including the following function in your appDelegate (or appropriate class) Generating the HMAC-SHA1 in PHP can be done using the following code.