It should be absolutely trivial to add an option in Settings to disable AirPlay when you don't want to use it. An iOS device will not automatically start using an AirPlay device that's available without you initiating it. Your wife would have to tap the AirPlay icon and then select the device for her iOS device to start using it. Just because On iPhone 8 or earlier or iOS 11 or earlier: Swipe up from the bottom edge of any screen. Press and hold the audio card in the upper-right corner, then tap Airplay. Tap each speaker or TV that you want to play the current audio to. You can also AirPlay audio from an app you're using on your iOS device. The new AirPlay 2, which was released with iOS 12.3, makes it even easier to share or mirror content from the iPhone to AirPlay 2-enabled smart TVs. Leading TV manufacturers such as Sony, LG or Samsung are already integrating AirPlay 2 into their TVs to offer an even better interaction between iOS and their devices. X-Mirage enables to turn your PC/Mac into an AirPlay Receiver and stream iPhone/iPad screen to computer without hassle. When you install and launch this AirPlay Receiver software on your PC/Mac, you can easily mirror videos, audios, photos, or other AirPlay-enabled app from iPhone/iPad to computer screen. Part 2. Nov 09, 2014 · Make sure that your devices (Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, iPod) are in the same network. Swipe up from the bottom of your screen. The Control Center appears. Click the AirPlay button. Apr 11, 2020 · AirPlay is indeed one of the most remarkable features you can get with any iPhone. With this AirPlay feature, you can easily stream/share/listen to any audio song, web show, watch any movies/photos/videos on a big screen (like in Apple TV or AirPlay-enabled TV). Swipe into Control Center on your iOS device, and tap the AirPlay icon within the music control. Here, all of your AirPlay and AirPlay 2 speakers will appear. Any speaker that supports AirPlay 2

Jul 23, 2020 · So you want to know how to activate Apple Airplay on MAC, iPhone, and Android, you are in the right place. By the end of this tutorial, you will have learned

Jun 22, 2017 · As of now, there’s no official way to Airplay from iPhone to Windows. However, I’ll tell you the easiest way to turn your Windows laptop into an AirPlay receiver that too without paying a dime. Apple knows how to sell their hardware, and that’s why they keep the latest and greatest features with themselves.

Jul 07, 2017 · The player also configures AirPlay Mirroring to render instant replication of entire iPhone/iPad/Mac screen to Mac, and associates Mirroring with screen recording utility to record up to 4K 8K UHD

Mirroring iPhone to iPad with Airplay is a simple process. Simply connect your iPhone and iPad to the same Wi-Fi network and then swipe up from the bottom of your iPhone's and iPad's screen so as to open the Control panel. Tap on Airplay and then tap on the iOS devices you want to connect to from the Airplay list. Mar 11, 2020 · Make sure iPhone and AirPlay device are on the same Wi-Fi network. Your iPhone or iPod touch can only communicate with the AirPlay device you want to use if all of the devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. If your iPhone is on one network, but the AirPlay device on another, AirPlay won't work. Jan 02, 2019 · Airplay is a highly secured protocol that allows users to view Multimedia on their Apple Devices such as iPhone, iPad and more. The Latest Version Kodi 17.6 comes with the Airplay option with which you can able to mirror it on another Apple Device. May 28, 2020 · At this point, you’re ready to start beaming music or mirror video from your iPhone or iPad to your Mac. Click the DLNA / AirPlay button on the lower right of the user interface if you wish to give your target computer a different name. How to Use AirPlay 2 from within Apps on iPhone. You can use AirPlay 2 to wirelessly stream audio from your Podcasts app, Apple Music app, iTunes app, and more. To get started: Open the app you'd like to stream from and start to play your podcast or song. Tap the player at the bottom of the display, then tap the pyramid icon.