How To Fix A DNS Leak When Connected To Your VPN

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Dec 01, 2019

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For more information, see DNS in Mobile VPN Configurations (Fireware v12.2 or lower) in the WatchGuard Knowledge Base. See Also. About DNS (Domain Name System) About DNS on the Firebox. Name Resolution for Mobile VPN with SSL. Configure DNS and WINS Servers for Mobile VPN with IKEv2. Configure DNS and WINS Servers for Mobile VPN with IPSec

The metric for my VPN connection is set to 1, but the Windows application still sends the DNS request through the physical interface to the VPN client’s address. The VPN client is passing the request on and getting a response back, but it does not get passed back to the application. DNS doesn't work over VPN Aug 17, 2008 Unable to access remote computer by host name over site to